The Front Desk Representative serves as the face of the resort and welcomes and communicates with guests in a warm and friendly manner.

Our ideal candidate will:

  • Possess previous hotel/resort experience 
  • Be customer-service focused 
  • Be able to demonstrate good communication skills (verbal, non-verbal and written)
  • Have the ability to be adaptable and flexible

Other responsibilities include, but are not limited to: check in and check out guests, register guests into the computer; verify reservation, address, credit information, etc., serve as guest concierge, keep front desk area clean and organized, and coordinate interdepartmental communications.

About East Bay Suites

East Bay Suites embodies the character of the surrounding artist community, the beauty of its beachfront location on Lake Superior, and all the comforts of home with its condo hotel lodging. The lobby great room invites you sit and relax in comfortable surroundings, warmed by the fire and entertained by the great lake that is just 15 steps from the door, to the shore.